Effective and reputable anti-aging mask at home

skin rejuvenation mask

Over the years a woman becomes wiser, the experience gained over a certain period of time allows her inner world to manifest outwardly in all its glory.

But unfortunately, appearance suffers the opposite effects, if inner beauty is only working its strength, outer beauty has started to lose ground.

In order for the mirror image to be satisfied with freshness and youth for as long as possible, standard care is no longer enough, you need to connect the means more thoroughly.

Professional cosmetologists recommend starting to apply procedures aimed at combating the first signs of aging after the age of thirty.

No other professional skin care line can match the effectiveness of homemade masks.

Benefits of homemade masks

Homemade face masks from fresh and natural products contain all beneficial substances in their most active form. It is thanks to them that miraculous transformations occur in minutes to the skin of the face. After all, the skin is a part of the living body and it, no less than the internal organs, needs a certain amount of nutrition.

The living cells of fresh products have the ability to nourish the skin not only with vitamins and minerals, but also due to the content of ingredients such as enzymes, enzymes and catalysts, they have the ability to initiate a reaction. renews and restores the skin at the cellular level.

homemade masks for rejuvenation

In canned creams and masks, all of these ingredients are present in small amounts or replaced by chemical analogues, so they cannot provide the same quality and lasting effect as facial masks. homemade mask.

So that experiments with homemade masks do not turn into unpleasant surprises, it is important to follow certain rules:

  • the mask is prepared immediately before applying to the face;
  • facial skin must be prepared in advance, clean decorative cosmetics;
  • Any mask applied along the massage lines, you should start from the bottom, gently moving upwards. The mask is not applied to the delicate area under the eyes and upper eyelids;
  • When making any new mask, you should definitely test for allergies by applying the mask to a less noticeable area of skin, such as the inside of your arm.

To achieve maximum effect, all masks are done regularly, 2-3 times a week.

After 10 treatments of this mask, it is recommended to change to another mask, so that the new facial skin receives a variety of nutrition and does not have time to get used to the effects of only certain ingredients.

Anti-aging mask recipe


To fully prepare your facial skin for the use of this mask, you must first use a hot scrub and lotion.

Eggs make anti-aging masks

Cook cotton. Mix a small amount of cornstarch or oatmeal with extra virgin olive oil until a paste is formed.

Then, using a specialized cosmetic sponge, gently and gently wipe the face along the massage lines. Rinse off the rest with warm water.

Hot lotion. It's like this, any herbal decoction is made, filtered, then heated to moderate heat, in this decoction you need to moisten the cloth and apply a warm compress to your face. Hold for no more than five minutes. After this procedure, the pores are opened and the skin is ready for maximum absorption of useful substances from the mask.

Mask. Take one yolk, add a dessert spoon of extra virgin olive oil, five drops of vitamin A and five drops of Vietnamese balsam in liquid form. Mix everything well and cook in a water bath until warm. Apply the mixture on your face while it is still warm, keep it for at least 13 minutes, then wash it off with a decoction of traditional Chinese medicine.

Chinese mask

The first choose

To prepare this mask, you need to buy white brown rice or rice bran. Grind this product in a coffee grinder to a powder, this is the basis of the mask.

In a small amount of rice flour, designed for a mask, add warm cream in such an amount that the resulting mixture resembles thick sour cream in its consistency.

After applying it is very important to completely relax the mimic muscles of the face, the rice mask has a skin tightening effect, it can be said to be a lifting effect. Keep it for at least 13 minutes, then clean your face with warm mineral water.

Second choice

Mix a small amount of boiled white brown rice with a teaspoon of honey and whipped cream until a homogeneous thick sour cream mixture, add a vitamin C capsule.

Keep on face for at least 13 minutes, then rinse with warm mineral water.

Cucumber mask

Sauerkraut as an anti-aging mask

The basis of this mask is sauerkraut juice, it is a real elixir of youth and the solution to many skin problems.

Sauerkraut juice activates the regeneration of skin cells, brightens the skin and tightens the pores, so the rejuvenating effect is visible immediately after the first use. The oval face is also significantly tightened.

It is very important to ferment the cabbage yourself to avoid seasonings, additives and vinegar.

The juice can be used in its pure form to wipe the face as a lotion and as an ingredient in masks. Perform 2 times (morning and evening), massage the face with this remedy. To speed up the process, make a simple mask by soaking a tissue in the juice and applying it to your face for 15 minutes. This procedure can be repeated daily for a month.

First choice for oily skin

Grind a small amount of sauerkraut in a blender, add a chilled amount of protein, mix everything, create a thick sour cream consistency using high quality flour.

Apply a thick layer and keep for at least 17 minutes. It is very important to ensure complete rest for the mimic muscles of the face during this time. After removing the mask with warm water, apply grapeseed oil to the skin, keep for three minutes, remove the excess with a napkin.

Second choice for problem skin (for acne)

Blend a small amount of sauerkraut in a blender, add a teaspoon of salt, a teaspoon of dessert oatmeal and make a thick sour cream with sauerkraut juice.

Keep on face for at least 13 minutes, wash off with warm water, do not use cream after applying this mask. It is best to apply the mask at night, before going to bed.

The third choice for dry, thin, dehydrated skin

One tablespoon of previously chopped sauerkraut in a blender, one yolk and one tablespoon of dessert olives, unrefined oil, mix into a homogeneous mass, apply to the face and keep for at least 18 minutes.

It is very important during this period to ensure complete rest, without moving the mimic muscles of the face, as the mask has a tightening and contracting effect.

Carrot mask

For this mask, the carrots must first be steamed for several seven minutes. This is necessary so that the active ingredients of this vegetable do not yellow the paint surface.

carrot mask for skin rejuvenation

Two tablespoons of chopped carrots, mixed with one tablespoon of honey, lemon juice and oatmeal. Mix everything and add a tablespoon of olive oil.

This mask is applied to the entire face, the area under the eyes can only be applied if a bag has formed, having previously receded a distance of 1 cm from the eye.

The mask should be warm and lay on the skin in a thick layer. Keep for 17 minutes, remove with a cloth previously moistened with warm mineral water.

To become a luxurious, well-groomed woman with flawless, beautiful skin, only ladies who know how to apply masks regularly can.

Doing these masks from time to time, you can only hope for a short-term effect, lasting a day or two. But continuous weekly care, based on homemade cosmetics, can work wonders.

But don't forget the truth that beauty is a way of life, which includes not only anti-aging masks but also the right daily habits, good nutrition, no bad habits and always being optimistic in everything. .

Self-care, care and love is sure to please a woman not only with a luxurious appearance, but also with strong inner health.